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The address: 160000, Shymkent, Tauke Khan 5, Textile and Food engineering higher school
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General information​




The Decision of the problem of preparation высококвалифицированных and competitive personnel(frames) for cotton-textile branch and food industry is conducted by faculty light and food industry SKSU af.named M.Auezova. The Specialists as of directions in SKSU af.named M.Auezova prepare more than 10 years.

 In composition of the faculty on 6 pulpits works more than 100 high-skilled teachers, including 6 doctors, 67 candidates of the sciences and 27 masters. Annually known scientist are invited for reading lecture from countries near and distant. For the reason increasing quality language preparation student in faculty education to lead on kazakh, russian and english.

Debat club "Zhangyryk" function On faculty, student research mugs "Tokymashy", "Technologist", "Sound lifestyle".

In 2008 SKSU af.named M.Auezova first amongst High School RK successfully passed the international accreditation on 7 educational programs in german accredition  Asiin. Amongst them and profession 050727- "Technology of the food products". The Faculty has specialized scholastic laboratories, equiped by modern labware and computer technology connected to network INTERNET and intended for undertaking the virtual laboratory functioning. The Faculty closely contributes to area of the formation and scientific studies with Moscow textile institute after named. A.N.Kosygin, Chemist- technological institute after named Ivanova, Textile and light industry of Tashkent Institute, National engineering academician RK, Academician of the mode and business "Symbat", Almati technological university, Taraz state university after named M.H.Dulati, scientifically- production centre food industry (JC "Kazagroinnovation", s.Almaty), Moscow state university food production, Moscow state university to applied biotechnology, Russian chemist-technological university after named. D.Mendeleeva. Within the framework of international cooperation students and teachers of the institute pass the period of trial in near and distant foreign (Russia, Malta, USA).

On faculty are created scholastic-research-and-production complexes (UNPK) on the base cotton-textile enterprise JC "Melanzh" and JC "Jutex" and on the base processing enterprise: C. "Kaynar-May", JC "SHymkentmay-El-Dos", C. "Sigma Brau", C. "Kaztorgtehnika", C. "Tutynushy", where are conducted scholastic occupations, practice, scientific studies student, but results of the scientific developments are introduced in production.

The Graduates of the faculty successfully work at leading enterprise food, processing, textile and light industry SKR and RK, research organization and high educational institutions: C. "SHymkentmay", JC "Melanzh", JC "YUteks" C. "SHymkentsut", C. "Nur", C. “koproduktgrup", C. "Rahat SHymkent", C. "Ladushki", C. "Tutynushy", NPC "Ak-altyn", C. "Alliance Kazakh-russian Textiles", JC "Kazagroeks", C. "Genie-Teks".

Pulpits of the faculty release specialist on following profession: 5В072600 - Technology and constuction product to light industry

Specialization: Technology sewing product; Constuction sewing products; The Artistic registration and modeling product to light industry; Technology product from skin and fur; Constuction product from skin and fur.

5В073300 - Technology and designing textile material

Specialization: "Technology and equipment production natural and chemical filaments"; "Technology and equipment decorating production"; "Technology production yarns"; "Technology knitted production; "Technology fabrics"; "Artistic registration and modeling product textile production".

5В072700 - Technology of the food products

Specialization: "Technology meat and fish products", "Technology молока and milk products", "Technology air-tight and food concoction ", "Technology of the products of the public feeding and special purpose and others.", "Technology fat and vegetable oil".

5В072800 - Technology processing production

Specialization: "Technology of keeping and conversions grain", "Technology of bread, noodle  and pastries", "Technology of keeping and conversions sugar containing cheese", "Technology of the fermentation and wine of the product ".