In order to improve the skills, the Department is an interactive whiteboard of the latest generation, equipped with new technologies, computer network and others.Systematically foreign higher education institutions, highly qualified teachers, classes for women Materials on vocational work of the higher school "Textile and food engineering" for announcement in the social network
        1.    Name of high school: the Textile and food engineering (Fstype)
        2.    The teaching staff of the higher school, consisting of more than 147 highly qualified teachers, including 8 doctors, 4 PhDs doctors, 55 candidates of Sciences and associate professors. In order to improve the quality of language training of students in the faculty training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
        In 2018, SKSU them. M. Auezova was the first Among the universities of Kazakhstan to successfully pass international accreditation for 7 educational programs in the German accreditation Agency ASIIN. Among them there are 4 specialties of higher school 5B072700- "technology of food products", 5B072600-"Technology and design of light industry products", 5B072800-"Technology of processing industries", 5B073300-"technology and design of textile materials".
        The works of scientists of the higher school are always highly appreciated by the state. Connection with this 2013 2 lecturer, 2014 lecturer 1, 2015 year 2 teacher, 2016 year 3 teachers were awarded state grant "the Best teacher of the year".
        High school has a specialized educational laboratories equipped with modern laboratory equipment and computer equipment connected to the INTERNET and designed to conduct virtual labs. The faculty works closely with the Moscow textile Institute in the field of education and research.  A. N. Kosygin, Ivanovo chemical - technological Institute, Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry, National engineering Academy of RK, Academy of fashion business "Symbat", Almaty technological University, Taraz state University. M. H. Dulati, scientific production center prerabotuva] and food industry (JSC "KazAgroInnovation", Almaty, Kazakhstan), Moscow state University of food production, Moscow state University of applied biotechnology, Russian chemical-technological University. D. Mendeleev. As part of international cooperation, students and teachers of the Institute are trained in near and far abroad (Russia, Malta, USA).
        High school created educational-scientific-production complex (unpk) on the basis of cotton textile enterprises of JSC "Melanzh", JSC "UTEX" and on the basis of the processing enterprises: LLP "Kaynar-may", JSC "Shymkentmay-El-DOS", LLP "Sigma Brau", LLP "kaztorgtechnika", LLP "Totimoshi", where training, practice, research students, and the results of scientific developments introduced into production.
        Graduates of the school successfully work in the leading enterprises of food, processing, textile and light industry of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientific-research organizations and higher educational institutions: LLP "Shymkentmay" JSC "Melanzh", JSC "UTEX" LLP "Simcentral", LLP "Nur" LLP Ecoproductgroup", LLP "Rakhat Shymkent", LLP "Okay", LLP "Totimoshi" SPC "AK-Altyn" LLP, "Azala", JSC "Cataroux", LLP "gene-Tex," ginneries RK.
    3. Specialties of higher education:


The name of the specialty

The combination of core subjects

1 profile item

2 profile item



The technology of manufactured and consumer goods of textile and light industry





The technology and design of textile materials





Technology of food products





Technology processing production



       4. Departments of higher education prepare bachelors in the following specialties.
       The Department "technology and design of light industry products" produces specialists in the following specialties: 
       5B072600 – Technology and designing of products of light industry. Profile subject-Physics.
Specializations: technology of garments; designing of garments; decoration and modeling of light industry products. Currently, the Department has 1 doctor of technical Sciences, 5 candidates of Sciences and associate professors, 8 masters (21%).
        The Department "technology and design of textile materials" produces specialists in the following specialties: 
        5B073300-technology and design of textile materials. Profile subject-Physics and mathematics.
        Specializations:" Technology and equipment of natural and chemical fibers production";" technology and equipment of finishing production";" technology of yarn production"; "technology of knitted production;" technology of fabric";" decoration and modeling of textile products", Technology of leather and fur products; Design of leather and fur products. The Department is taught by 2 doctors of technical Sciences, 6 candidates of Sciences and associate professors, 2 PhD and 8 masters (45%)
       The Department "Technology and food safety" produces specialists in the following specialties:
        5В072700 - Technology of food products. 
        Profile subject-Chemistry.
      Specializations:" technology of meat and fish products"," technology of milk and dairy products"," technology of canned food and food concentrates"," Technology of food products and special purpose, etc.","Technology of fats and vegetable oils". The Department is taught by 2 doctor of technical Sciences, 7 candidates of Sciences and 5 masters (45%).
        At the Department "Food engineering" produce specialists in the following specialties:
        5В072800 - Technology of processing industries. 
        Profile subject-Chemistry.
        Technology of processing industries.Specializations:" technology of storage and processing of grain"," Technology of bread, pasta and confectionery"," Technology of storage and processing of sugar-containing raw materials","technology of fermentation and winemaking". 2 doctors of technical Sciences, 8 candidates of Sciences and 7 masters (48%) teach at the Department.

        5.    Laboratory high school

Audience laboratory "Technology of sewing production" of the Department of Technology and design of textile materials

Лlaboratory audience "Textile materials" of the Department of technology and design of textile materials

Laboratory audience of the Department of Food engineering

Laboratory audience "Processing of dairy products" Department of Food engineering

Teachers and students of the Department of Food engineering at the research work

Laboratory Department Technology and design of light industry products

6. High school dormitory.
Hostel No. 3 is located at Shymkent, ryskulbekova str 3.

The facade of the hostel №3

Dining room of the hostel № 3

Information about the student life of higher education
A student of the graduate school thanks T Bekzhigit won the nomination "Miss city 2016".

High school students community service

Students of higher education support a healthy lifestyle

Students of higher education in research practice.

Student Saturdays

Professor of the University of EGE (Turkey) Erhan Kirkoy conduct a master class..
Graduates of the bachelor degree are given unique opportunities to continue their studies under two diploma programs in Germany (Hamburg)

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