"Connoisseur of the state language"

In subject Olympiad "Connoisseur of the state language", organized by the Department of "Practical Kazakh language", which was held 18-19.03.2013, chair L.K.Turabaeva awarded winners with diplomas and letters of thanks. According to the results of the two-day competition experts student FI-12-3p T. Galihina took1st place, 2nd place was shared by the student group, HT-12-2p A. Rothermel and student of SM-12-6p R. Trach. 3rd place was won by student HT-12-6p V. Ovchinnikov and VT-12-2p1 Y. Kim. All participating students were awarded the nomination "Daryndy student", "Sauatty student", "Onerlі orge zhuzer."