Food Engineering

Head of the chair 
Klara Abdirazakovna Urazbayeva 

Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor.
Address: Shymkent, pr. Tauke Khan, 5, block number 5 (A), kab.422A
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General Information

«Food Engineering»  Department​

The "Food Engineering" Department was established in 1963 under the name "Refrigerating and compressor machines and installations” and prepared specialists of this direction until 1995. Since 1995, it was provided the training of the specialists in speciality: 1102 - Technology and physics of low temperatures. In 1993, it was recruited on food specialty: 4204 - Technology of fermentation and winemaking, 4206 - Technology of canned food and food concentrates. In 2001, it was organized the specialty: 554230 - Technology of food products (bachelors). In 2003 all food specialties were merged. This 4206 - Technology of fish products and fats; 4202 - Technology and sugary confectionery products; 4207 - Technology of products of public catering; 4201 - Technology of grain processing and bakery production. Since 2001, the name of the Department was renamed in "Technology of food industry and refrigeration". Since 2004 has started the preparation of bachelors on the following specialties: 050727-Technology of food products and 050728 - Technology of processing industries. In the September 2010, the Depatmentr was renamed in «Technology of food productions», Since the September 2015, the Department name is “Food Engineering”.


"Food Engineering" Department history

In 1995, the food profile specialties were established: "Technology of Sugar Substances", "Fat Technology", "Technology of Preservation and Food Concentrates", "Technology of Wine and Fermentation".

In 2003, due to the reorganization of faculties and departments, specialties: 4206 - "Technology of fish products and fats"; 4202 - "Technology of confectionery and sugar"; 4207 - "Technology of public catering and special purpose”; 4201 - "Technology of processing of grain and bakery production" were combined at one Department "Technology of food production and refrigeration technology" of M.Auezov’ South Kazakhstan State University.

Since 2004, the Department has trained Bachelors in the following specialties: 050727-“Technology of food products” and 050728-“Technology of processing industries”.

In September 2010, the name of the Department was renamed "Technology of Food Productions".

Since September 2015, the Department has recognized in the current name "Food Engineering".

 Educational programs

Currently, the Food Engineering Department is training in the following specialties

Bachelors in Technics and Technologies:

5В072800-“Technology of processing industries”


  • Technology of storage and processing of grain;
  • Technology of bread, macaroni and confectionery products;
  • Technology of storage and processing of sugar-containing raw materials;
  • Technology of fermentation and winemaking.

Masters in Technics and Technologies:

6M072800 – “Technology of processing industries”

Over the past five years, the Department in the Bachelors specialty 5В072800- "Technology of processing industries" stably takes 2nd place in the rating of educational programs of the NKAO Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IQAA) and in the preparation of the Masters in the specialty 6M072800- "Technology of processing industries", that confirms the provision of high standards in the training of highly qualified specialists.

Since 2006, the Department has been actively introducing the experimental training “Poly-lingua” program, with the preparation of Bachelors and Masters in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. As well as since 2010, the preparation of masters for the program of dual-degree education in the specialty "Technology of Food Production / Food Science" has been started.

Annually, in the average 30-40 Bachelors and 50-60 Masters become graduates of the "Food Engineering" Department. Every year, due to the development of the food industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the employers demand for qualified food technologists increases. Practically all the graduates of the "Food Engineering" Department are employed at the enterprises of South Kazakhstan region. The sphere of professional activity of graduates is all branches of the processing industry, including ensuring the development of technological processes in the obtaining of processing industries products, design and research organizations, as well as commercial organizations of various forms of ownership. Qualified graduates can occupy posts: food processing technologist, master of processing enterprises, laboratory technologist of industrial laboratory, specialist in research institutions and universities: specialist in the centers of standardization and certification, head of private enterprises of food production and others.

On August 8, 2014 (Decree No. 874), President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed a decree of the approving the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019 (SPIID). Based on the governmental decision within the framework of the SPIID implementation, the M.Auezov’ South-Kazakhstan State University is one of 11 Universities defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the training of the specialists for SPIID enterprises.

Thus, out of 14 (fourteen) priority sectors of the economy, on the basis of M. Auezov SKSU, the training of highly qualified personnel for postgraduate education for 3 (three) priority sectors of the Southern region of Kazakhstan were started: "Chemical Industry", "Production of Building Materials", "Food Industry "(Priority sector "Food production"). Within the selected sectors, starting since 2015, the program "profile magistracy" is being implemented to train in the specialty 6M072800- "Technology of processing industries" with the following set:

  • in 2015, 60 budget places were asserted for the "Food Engineering and Food Safety" educational program;
  • in 2016, 80 budget places were allocated for the "Safe technologies for processing agricultural products" educational program;
  • in 2017, 50 budget places were appropriated for the "Safe technologies for processing agricultural products" educational program.

Within the framework of SPIID there are 3 training workshops.

The international cooperation

For the qualitative training of staff on SPIID, educational programs were developed with the participation of foreign partner Universities and representatives of employers. The strategic partners in the development of these programs and in the international cooperation are the University of Ghent (Ghent University - Belgium), the University of Padova (Italy), the University of Valencia (Universitat Politècnica de València - Spain) and the Latvian University of Agriculture (Latvia University of Agriculture - Latvia).

In 2017, Master's programs were successfully accredited by the international experts of the European Thematic Network (ECTN - Belgium).

Also, the "Food Engineering" Department has close cooperation with leading universities: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Plovdiv University (Bulgaria), Belarus State Technological University (BSTU - Belarus), Moscow State University of Food Production (MSUPP - Russia), St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (SPbGTI - Russia), Kazan National Technological University (KNITU - Russia), Kuban State Technological Institute Logical University (KubGTU - Russia) and others.

Potential employers

Platforms of the training and production practices and potential employers for the graduates of the "Food Engineering" Department are enterprises of South Kazakhstan and Dzhambul regions such as: "Rakhat-Shymkent" LLP, "Corona" LLP, "Aray" LLP, "NUR" LLP, "Amangeldy" LLP, "Barys-2007" LLP, "Kant" JSC, "Ordabasy-Kus" LLP, "Food Master-Shymkent Company" LLP, "Asyl LTD" LLP, “Pioner” LLP, “Atameken” LLP, “Sairam-sut” LLP , "Shymkent-sut" LLP, "Altyn Dan" LLP, "Shymkent-May" JSC et al.

Research activities

Of great importance at the department is attached to the academic mobility programs or the exchange of students with foreign Universities - partners, the sending of faculty and students abroad for the passing of various forms of training and scientific internships in the international programs. The main directions of scientific and technical cooperation between M.Auezov’ SKSU and foreign universities were identified.

Teaching staff, together with the students and scientists of other Departments, actively conducts research work on state budget, fundamental, applied topics, grants financed by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international grants.

- Research on the state budget research: B-16-07-03 "Technical and technological research and improvement of food production technology". Project leader: PhD, Professor K.A.Urazbaeva;

- Applied research: "Development of new technologies of fermented beverages based on juices from various types of fruit and berry raw materials with high food and biological value". Project leader: PhD, As.Professor Z.K.Konarbaeva, Performer: G.O.Kantureeva;

- Applied research: "Creation of a biotechnological complex for the production of a glucose-fructose complex for the production of corn syrup for the production of sweets, beverages and biomass for animals”. Project Leader - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor M.I.Sataev. Performers: K.A.Urazbaeva and A.B.Yusubaeva.

- Applied research: "Development of mini-plant for complex processing of watermelons and melons with obtaining a wide range of food products and semi-finished products". Project leader: Ph.D. Senior Teacher B.O.Ospanov. Performers: B.T. Abdizhapparova and N.S.Khanzharov.


Achievements of young scientists

For the 25th Independence Day at L.N.Gumilyov’ ENU, on the December 27-28, 2016, Republican Scientific and Practical Seminar-workshop on "Energy of young people for industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan".

The MP-15-2k1 group students of M.auezov’ SKSU Ainash Kudainazar won the nomination "THE BEST INNOVATION ASPECT" defending the scientific work on the topic "Қyodyң asazan sulinen alınғan pepsindi Suluguni іrіmshіgіn өndіru tehnosyns jetіldіrode қoldanu", under the direction of Ph.D., As. Professor of M.K.Kassymova.

In the L.N.Gumilev’ ENU, in the II Republican scientific and practical seminar-workshop on the theme "Energy of young people for industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan" in Astana in the period on November 23-24, 2017, Rojay Vladimir won the nomination "BEST INNOVATIVE ASPECT" defending the scientific work on the topic “Optimizing the technology of low-temperature processing and storage of agricultural raw materials" under the guidance of PhD, As. Professor N.S.Khanzharov.