Food Engineering

Head of the chair 
Klara Abdirazakovna Urazbayeva 

Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor.
Address: Shymkent, pr. Tauke Khan, 5, block (AB), kab.124 


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General Information

Department “Food Engineering”

In 1995, four specialized departments of the Food Faculty of the South Kazakhstan Technical University (SKTU) trained specialists in the following specialties: “Technology of sugary and confectionery substances”, “Technology of fats”, “Technology of canning and food concentrates”, “Technology of wine-making and fermentation” .

In 2003, in connection with the opening of the agro-industrial faculty, these specialties were united together and the department received the name "Technology of food production and refrigeration."

In 2008, the department became part of the Faculty of Light and Food Industry. In 2010, the department was renamed the "Technology of food production." Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Beysenbayev A.Yu, headed the department. (2003-2008), then by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bachov Zh.K. (2008 - 2009), since March 2009, the department has headed by Candidate of Chemical Science, associate professor Urazbayeva Klara Abdyrazakhovna.

In 2015, the department was divided into departments: “Food Engineering” (head of the department Urazbayeva K.A.), Technology, and safety of food products (head of the department Shingissov A.U.).

At the Department of Food Engineering, training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English for bachelors in the specialty 5B072800-Technology of processing productions (by branches) and for master students in the specialty 6M072800- Technology of processing productions (by branches). There are 20 teachers in the department, including 11 Candidates of Science, 2 Doctors of PhD,  and 12 Masters of Science. State grant of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Best University teacher" are: candidate of chemical Sciences, associate Professor Urazbayeva K.A.(2014), PhD Serikuly Zh. (2016), candidate of technical Sciences Abdizhapparova B. (2018), candidate of technical Sciences Orymbetova G. E. (2018)

The staff of the department "Food Engineering"

Over the past years, the specialties of undergraduate and graduate courses have steadily occupied the 1nd, 2nd place in the ratings of IKAQAE (Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) and the IARA (Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency).

Since 2015, the department has implemented a master's degree program within the framework of the implementation of the State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (GPIIR-2). There were developed educational programs implemented with the participation of foreign partner universities: University of Gent (Belgium), Latvian University of Agriculture (Latvia), University of Padua (Italy), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), National Research University of Information Technologies and Optics (Russia). The business partners are the next enterprises: LLP Foodmaster-Shymkent Company, LLP Amangeldy, JSC Altyn Dan, LLP Rakhat-Shymkent and others. Representatives of these industries conduct classes and are co-managers of master's work.

The EP “Safe technologies of the processing of agricultural products” has passed international expertise in the European thematic chemical network (Brussels, 2017). The Euromaster® quality label and Chemical Technology Euromaster® label has been gained. Within the framework of the GPIIR-2, the department have trained and employed 186 undergraduates.

Within the framework of GPIIR-2, there were created training and production workshops and training and research laboratories for the processing of milk, meat products and fruit and berry products on modern equipment.

In 2018, the laboratories passed accreditation by the National Accreditation Center of the Technical Regulation Committee of the Ministry of Construction and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and received the accreditation certificate No KZ.T.16.2057 of April 19, 2018 for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2009.

Laboratories of the Department “Food Engineering”