International accreditation procedure in educational program “The technology of manufactured and consumer goods of textile and light industry” (BA).

16.02-17.02.2014 year our educational engineering program The technology of manufactured and consumer goods of textile and light industry has passed the international accreditation ASIIN (German Agency). Our Department was visited by five members of the expert Committee: Melanie Gruner, Klaus Behler, Holger Erth, Boris Mahltig, Henner Schmidt-Traub.
In the 1st day of accreditation by schedule was carried out the following activities: a preliminary meeting with the Expert group; interview with people responsible for the educational program; inspection of laboratories, technical equipments, training and related areas; negotiations with the Expert group.
On the 2nd day of accreditation according to the schedule, interviews were conducted: with responsible for the educational program with participation of the leadership of the University; with students from different courses and specialties, with representatives of the official supervisory authority; with representatives of enterprises; with lecturers of educational programs; and at the end the final interview with staff of the educational program.
In conclusion, the members of the ASIIN expert Commission noted our progress in the learning process and thanked for the warm reception and hospitality.