Life demands movement

Sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, bad habits all these factors certainly affect our health. "A sound mind in a sound body, "perhaps this phrase familiar from childhood, now more than ever. today more than ever lifestyles more and more becomes the measure of human health and longevity. The one who engages in physical education-feels strong, hardy and agile.
    Increasing motor activity, people become more energetic, the faster the body metabolism is rejuvenation of the cells and regenerate the body.
    All of us need to move, it may be hiking, gymnastics, swimming, ice skating, aerobics.
    In today's world, when most of the time we spend in a seated position, it is necessary to give the time of day mode, physical culture, to support the body in tone.
    You see, many of us start the morning with a charging prevents elementary laziness, but beating it, you will be able to understand that it is not a great time by spending it on exercise. Exercise take a lot of time and your budget will not be affected. One plus in that it gives energy in the morning, and on the work you already do not look for a moment to take a NAP.
    Running is very popular all over the world.
    What he good? What is its use?
    First, jogging does not require a lot of time and effort. To run in an easy paced hour after work-available to everyone. Secondly, it is a huge benefit to health. Third availability. Running is one of the most sports in financially. All you need is a good pair of sneakers.
    Another useful, perhaps the easiest is walking. It does not have to expend a lot of energy, and the effect is quite high.
    Walking acts on the body, raises the muscular tone, strengthens the bone tissue, promotes the coordination of movements, stimulates metabolism, it promotes weight loss, has beneficial effects on the nervous system.
    Contraindications for walk does not exist, it can handle even suffers from hypertension. walking is recommended for many diseases of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, nervous stress and even rehabilitation periods.
    Walking is strengthening effect on the entire organism.
    Many are addicted to tennis is a popular sport.
    Tennis is not just a game, a sport that will no doubt benefit the body and keeps you in shape.
    Tennis-coached almost all muscles, strengthens the heart, bones, improves blood circulation.
    However, if these sports do not attract women, then they can go dancing.
    According to experts, to feel good about themselves and get a better look, women need at least 2 times a week to dance.
    In addition, physical activity is a PEP and opposed to depression and stress.
    The importance of a healthy lifestyle has said President Nursultan Nazarbayev: "it is a healthy lifestyle is the key to the health of the nation," he said in a message to the nation, "Strategy-Kazakhstan-2050".
    I think no one doubts the fact that systematic physical culture and sport, also maintaining a healthy lifestyle – is a powerful health determinant means to enhance human physical capabilities, diverting young people from harmful habits, disease prevention, quality of life and its duration.
    I would like to believe that with time, more and more people will choose the physical culture and sports and active healthy lifestyle.
Head of the physical training for
technical professions assistant,professor                                            Kilibaev A.A.​