"My Life My Hands"

About carrying out an open educational lesson in group ZhT-16-2k1 on the subject "My Life My Hands"

On December 2, 2016 at 16:00 o'clock in group ZhT-16-2k1 there passed the open educational lesson on the subject "My Life My Hands". At this open lesson there were the department director on "Educational and youth policy" of ErbolRabiluly, the senior curator of University of Sembaydayrabayla, the dean of the higher school of "Textile and food engineering" Botabayev N.E., head of the department "Technology and safety of food products" Shingisov A. U., senior curator of the higher school Isabayev K. And., senior curator of department Sadyrbayeva I. R., curator of group ZhT-16-2k1 Kamalova of N. U. The open lesson prokhshet the hostel on the assembly hall was arranged by posters of the famous writers iaforizm of philosophers. The open educational lesson was conducted in the form of the concert program, that is according to a subject songs, dances, performances were carried out, games, etc. were played. The passable open lesson pleased the present guests and onivyrazilisvy opinion and the wishes.