«Nauryz-2014» in M.Auezov SKSU

  The arrival of spring and renewal of teaching staff and students of M.Auezov SKSU noted with festive program and good mood.
White yurts and Alty-bakan were established near the SKSU fountain. Plov, and Nauryz koje were cooked from the early morning. In every yurt were covered rich tables with dishes of the national cuisine for many guests of the University and the city
The tables were set in outside under the open sky. For which invited the teachers, students of the University and all interested persons.  On the improvised stage was held concert with participation of our students and creative collectives of the University. A rector of the University of M.Auezov SKSU doctor of technical sciences, Professor Zh.U.Mirkalykov congratulated all present guests and wished strong health, family happiness, kindness and happiness. He noted that Nauryz is a holiday of renewal and hope, a symbol of loyalty to the best traditions of the wise ancestors, and the aspiration to preserve the spiritual unity of all ethnic groups.
Student activists in national costumes held every yurt improvised rites of the Kazakh people associated with matchmaking, marriage and raising children. Here were “Shashu”, “Kyz uzatu”, and “Bet ashar” and many other national customs that know and honor today people of different ages and professions. This is the feature of the kazakh people, which celebrates the awakening of nature in such an amazing way.