«Практикалық қазақ тілі»

Senior teacher of Practical Kazakh Language chair of I.A.Esbolayev on April 5-6, 2013 "Shobanakh", at high schools named after M. Kazybekov, M. Auezov which are located close Turkestan carried out professional orientation work at the general high schools "khos khorgan", "Ulukhbek". Special books, posters in which specialties of faculties of university are in detail described were distributed to graduates. I.A.Esbolayeva specifically and precisely answered questions of pupils of schools. Heads of the above-named schools for its part promised to continue work on an explanation to graduates and their parents that State Univercity of North Kazakhstan named after M. Auezov is the only and authoritative center of knowledge in the region. I.A.Esbolayeva also with interest told to graduates of schools about advantages and difficulties, about life in a hostel of student's youth.