And development institutions funded by the Ministry of fundamental, applied and complex research topic.

Funded by the Ministry, "technology and safety of Food products" in the grant of the Department research work is based on the following topics:

Politico smoke for Smoking of meat products-development of technology of production of the drug liquid. Supervisor: Shingisov A. U.
The development of production technology of domestic products to extend the shelf life of milk fermented plant material antioxidantany. Moderator: And Shingisov.U.


Abdygapparova B Teachers.T and kt.A. Involved in the implementation of the International TEMPUS project QUEECA for research.

"Technology and design of textile materials" research performed at the Department of 2 funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of applied:

The ring structure subject to the fulfillment of its structural development of the technology to improve the quality of the thread by increasing. Moderator: Togati T. U.
The creation of biologically active additives based on water-soluble vitamins and iron quickly. Director: Sabirov, V. H.


"Technology and designing of products of light industry" performed at the Department of applied research of the MES 2 argyllandbute.

1. Scientific substantiation and development of technology of textile materials through high speed radiation with a frequency of Aktau.

2. The selection and scientific substantiation of the technology by improving the quality of cotton fiber yarn in an electric field. Moderator: Myrkhalykov Zh. U.