Technology and projecting of textile materials

Head of the chair.

Togataev Turabek Usenbekovich

Cand.technol.sci., the head lecturer



Address: Shymkent, pr. Tauke Khan, 5, block number 5 (D), 402D

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Our graduates

History  chair ‘’Technology and designing of textile material’’

The Chair was established in 2009 under the name ‘’Technology and designing of textile material”. Professorial-teaching composition of the chair prepares the bachelor on professions 5В073300 - Technology and designing textile materials. The General number chair ‘’Technology and designing textile material’’ forms 24 persons, of them 1doctor technical sciences, 10 candidates of the technical sciences, 5 masters, 3 assistant masters and 5 laboratory assistants.

For passing all type practical persons by chair are comprised agreement, as well as is supported relationship with leading enterprise to branches Kazakhstan, including with JC "Melanj", JC "Juteks", JC "Kazagreks" and JC "South Textiline KZ", JS "Ak Altyn" and etc.

In March, 2017 with working visit representatives of the Manchester university for the purpose of selection of the most perspective students and teachers for training and training visited Great Britain. Thus, students of a textile profile have real opportunity to continue training at leading universities of the world and to gain the diploma of a double sample.

Masters and students department  in scientific laboratory

Masters of the chair when performing innovation project

Scientific work

Following the results of the XIV student's scientific conference on natural, technical, social and humanitarian and economic science devoted to the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan "New decade - new economic recovery - new opportunities of Kazakhstan", 102 reports which authors are students of our chair, were awarded by diplomas and published in the collection of works of student's scientific conference.

In December, 2009 students of chair took active part in X ІІ student's scientific and technical conference. The student's reports which were heard at conference had fundamental and applied character for the solution of problems of textile and light industry.

2018-2019 a.y. was reporting  about 117 reports of students on profil textiles.

Our achievements

On chair the innovative project of small enterprise on release of felting and felt products from local textile raw materials was developed. Developers of the project are the Head of Chair Togataev T.,  and teacher Bectursinova A., Kaldykulov M.

In laboratory of "Technology and designing  of Textile Materials" chair mini-productions on release of textile products, in particular working gloves and tekstile products are organized.

Big achievement of faculty is the student's victory 3 courses of Turakulov B. in the international competition of student's scientific development of "Rieter Award 2009" in Switzerland organized by Rieter firm - the world leader in production of the textile equipment. The subject of research work was devoted to a problem of improvement of quality of the yarn developed from Maktaaral, Shardara cottons on the equipment of Rieter firm. As the research supervisor associate professor Serikbayev B. E. acted., the production consultant - the vice-president for production of JSC Melanzh G. Zlatkovich.

For delivery of the first prize - figurines from rock crystal in January, 2010 YuKGU were visited by the vice-president of Rieter firm Mr. Retto Tom. The student Turakulov B. received the invitation to Switzerland for acquaintance with activity of the Rieter company. 

The specialty "Technology and design of textile materials" took I and II place in the ranking of educational programs of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2018.