The technology of manufactured and consumer goods of textile and light industry

Head of the department

Makhmudova Gulzhamal

Candidate of technical sciences, professor

Contact information  : Building  №5 (D), 108

Work phone : (87252)30-02-54



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General Information


History of the department "Technology and design of light industry products"

2014 name of the departmentwas renamedto the "The technology of manufactured and consumer goods of textile and light industry".

Currently, 19 teachers work at the department "Technology and design of light industry products". Including 1 professor, 3 candidates of science, associate professors, 2 PhD Doctors,masters, teachers.

From the academic year 2018-2019, the duties of the head of the department "Technology and Construction of Light Industry Products" have been performed by Ph.D., Professor Mahmudova Gulzhamal.
Makhmudova Gulzhamal, candidate of technical sciences, professor, head of the department “Technology and design of products of light industry”, the best teacher of 2013, holder of the Republican grant for 2015 of the Ministry of Education and Science, published more than 220 scientific papers, including 2 monographs, 15- patents and copyright certificates, 17 - textbooks, 15 - electronic textbooks, 30 - scientific articles based on Scopus, 70 - scientific articles of the CIS countries, India, France and more than 100 - scientific articles; participation in international conferences rentals of the CIS countries, NewYorkUSA, France, Germany, England. From March 14 to April 6, 2018, the holder of the International Grant passed a scientific internship at Donghua University, Shanghai. As a result, award certificate and diploma.

This internship is called the “One Belt - One Way” program, which is an international grant in the light and textile industries. The program will provide intellectual support for the international transportation of products of small and medium enterprises, which will allow them to develop strategies for the internationalization of the enterprises and form a cultural and informational exchange stage. Since the Chinese city of Shanghai, one of the largest economic, financial, commercial and transport centers, the Ministry of Education Republic of China chose Shanghai for practice.
Shanghai (上海, Shanghai, Vykhova Mora) is the largest city in eastern China and the largest city in the world.
The textile industry has long been the backbone of the Chinese economy due to the advantages of production factors and the market. Therefore, an international grant aims to deeply study the competitive advantages of China's textile industry. On this basis, an international competition was held. The internship took place from March 14 to April 6, 2018.
The content of the program includes 4 modules:
1.The border of the textile industry and international cooperation
2.Shanghai city spirit
3.Chinese culture and system
4. International study of Chinese textile industry
And also, Professor Makhmudova Gulzhamal in 2014 passed a scientific internship in the city of Dusseldorf (German Federal Republic); in 2015, the University of Nice in Nice, France; in the same year, Razumovsky Russian University; from 2016 to 2017 at the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry.


Base of practice

Practice of students is one of major and obligatory forms of educational process. The bases of practices of bachelors of this educational program are research organizations of enterprise on productions.

For the students of the department in close connection are carried out work on scientific, exchange of experience, improvement, business contracts for practice with advanced industries in the light industry - LLP "SabTex", LLP "Azala Textile", LLP "Saule", LLP "South Text line KZ" , Almaty қаласындағы LLP "Sun Textiles", LLP "AHBK" ATU, Tashkent textile and light industry.

The department increases not only the quality of training and education, but in a place in order to increase the work on UNPK and scientific research work.

Scientific directions of the department:

On February 23, 2018, scientists from the University of Applied Sciences Hof (Germany) organized a meeting in the conference hall with teachers, undergraduates and students of the department " Technology and Design of Light Industry Products ". At the bilateral meeting Professor of the University of Applied Sciences Hof (Germany) and Dean of the Innovation Textile Department Michael Roach, Professor of the University of Applied Sciences Hof (Germany), noted the successes and main directions of the innovative textile faculty, have the opportunity to continue teaching the teachers, undergraduates and undergraduate students in the program of a double diploma and academic mobility. At the same time, scientists from the University of Applied Sciences (Germany) got acquainted with the sewing workshop and students of our department and practical classes, and the masters got acquainted with the production of  Bal Textile LP.

- Research of innovative technologies for light industry products B-16-05-15 »

Head: Myrkhalyov Zh.Z., Kaldibayev RT, Kairanbekov D.D., Mahmudova GI,

- "Investigation of resource-saving technologies and designing clothes B-16-05-08"

Head: Myrkhalyov Zh.Z., Kaldibayev RT, Kairanbekov D.D., Mahmudova G.I.

For the students of the Department of Development, a long-term plan for the execution of coursework, course projects, diploma papers, diploma projects.

In the strategic plan of the department:

1. Organizational work

2. Educational and methodical work

3. Research work

4. Information support of the scientific and educational system.

Academic mobility of the «Technology and design of light industry products»сhair

Academic mobility involves the movement of students or teachers for a certain period in other educational or scientific institution for learning, teaching, research or training.

Our «Technology and design of light industry products» chair actively working in this direction, so each year the program of the academic mobility of the best students of the Chair during the semester undergo training at the partner universities.

About internal academic mobility in the leading educational institutions of our country in the Almaty Technological University (Almaty city),  students of our chair.

Intensified joint research with foreign scientists.actively assist to joint scientific researches, arrive in department  for reading of lectures.

Spring semester SHT-15-1R a group of student Mariya Imankulova went to practice on academic mobility in the APU.

MLP-15 - 1 NC. Izbasarova J. Russian state University.A. N. Kosygin

During the last 3 years, the department for the preparation of bachelors in the specialty 5B072600- "Technology and design of light industry products" stably ranks 1 - 2 in the rating of educational programs of the NKAO Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IQAA).

Since 2014, the department has been training bachelors and masters in Kazakh, in Russian, and also in English.

In 2012, specialty 5В072600 - "Technology and design of light industry products" was accredited in the German companies ASIIN.

Specialty "Technology and design of light industry products" took the 2nd place in the rating of educational programs of universities of Kazakhstan in 2017.

April 12-13, 2018, student of specialty 5B072600 - Technology and design of light industry Alzhan Arailym took 2nd place at the X Republican subject Olympiad among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Almaty Technological University.

The implementation of the educational work of the department

In all academic groups, educational plans consisting of 10 points have been developed for the new academic year. Curators are working on the approved plan. Weekly scheduled curator hours are held, protocols are filled out. On the eve of the holidays, wall newspapers are issued and audiences are colorfully decorated. Students of the department take an active part in university events, concerts and performances. Particular attention is paid to discipline in groups and keeping classrooms clean. Student performance is discussed based on the results of the control weeks.

The winners of the 1st place of the "Bozbala and Boyzhetken 2018" contest Slambek Zhanibek and Zhanar Congress are students of the ZhT-17-1k1 and ZhT-17-1k4 groups of the Department of Technology and Design of Light Industry Products

Career guidance work of senior teachers of departments

Information about the work on advanced training of teachers of the department

The department has drawn up a training plan for faculty.

On May 4, 2019, the assistant professor of the department, Kairanbekov Gabit , passed a continuing education course on the topic “Evaluation of light industry products and the quality of textile materials” at the Almaty Technical University.